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Related article: Date : Tue, March 10, 2009 March 18, 23 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Ami u003camias05 yahoo. com u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 13 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very fervidENT- fantasy and therefore able to create Lolita Teen our own fantasies are often based Friends and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that Lolita Teen underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if theThe format and punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias05 yahoo. com Chapter 13 - Big boys do not cry He hurried down the hallway on the way to French class was art n state, Nigel, he pants and forget that Simon had helped some old Tom and Alex lost property in the area. " And even after helpin ' you do, you know he could have hoped for ` nicked yer pants then? "Said Nigel, as they did in the classroom. " just do not know. " Art replied sadly : "But if MomOnce this is done is what I have seen and know what I'm doing. I bet that has been for all things about me, shit... I could have found the images yet, gave me! Oh shit, damn I want to die when he says something! " " I suppose so, "said Nigel thought," Shit, I do not know what to do if my mom took all my stuff, I mean me and all the secrets! Shit, I could never look again, without that, what a shame! " " Fuckin ' right on ' kind of said, "Well, I do not know what to do, to lend me a pair of pants or some clothes for tomorrow, I do not care that are or even if you've used ' em what I have now is just awful ! and suck! " " Well, you think something. Well, do not worry, we look only gym and then we get out of here. " " Well, thank fuck that I have shorts or I would have killed meself. The Peterson is a right fucking Trappe, "he said with a kind of feeling. " Lucky fit below. "Nigel said he began to write. N " Ah, welll have no idea! But I guess they are, perhaps, a little cramped, but that will be fine ! "Said Art n a bad image of her French textbook. " I wonder, " said Nigel chuckled," if the Lord you Fuckin ' Ponce and bit of an asshole once had! " The lesson gym was due to the short break to begin in the afternoon and waiting hands, n of the hip through the door of the locker room, Mr. Peterson played a very important role. the brief fear that most of the guys. no of course. no question that he was feared and hated in equal measure. ideal for teachers and definitely not a situation in which n is take full advantage of their positions, not to mention her best for the do is Fifteen were generally a time turbulent, but here are the guys always a strange silence when for the first time in the locker room. the fact that of ex - military teachers at the door playing their muscles and incitement that was little to help. " We... let's get to it... I do not waste time in this gym in two minutes. " "Yes. Lord... "He came a couple of mediocre responses. N It was hard to sort testosterone fueled by years dumb kids room, but Mr. Peterson has done. Everyone is talking and cracking wise stopped dry. higher the sound of clothes rubbing and occasional zip detachment was almost everything that was heard. Raymond, a boy and not overweight, thought of food was much more preferably, the movement, stooped to make your shoes inverted and accidental fart and laugh with the resulting voltage is the n is significantly reduced. art was Nigel, " All members do not ? "He whispered as he pulled the seedy old shorts pocket. You looked around a bit small, even for him, but perhaps no! odded n Nigel and looked before I started sneaking into reverse pants. so far the terrible condition of his clothing was found , but some guys had started to smell, not sure if what they thought was that you smell what was thought to be When his pants slipped down to the ankles, the unmistakable aroma of StagCum Origin was published, and flew, almost like the gas used in the World War I, in the direction of Ian, who switched to the other side of Nigel. " Fuckin ' hell Nige," said Ian, back in amazement: "What 's that smell " " ? Smell What, what," said Nigel as innocent as n ! n the art of Mr. Peterson eyes on them, said: "Shut up Ian... shhh... please " n " you are young... yes... you! "Mr. Peterson trembling finger pointed directly to Art of the door. "Shut up... or that's it, push n if everyone else in the house! Gone " trembling Enter the interior. I hated that man and his sadistic gym Lessons: "Yes, sir..... " muttered weakly. " Y", growled Mr. Peterson to the door of the gym, " he knows a lot rules... nothing under the shorts, one of these days I'll make a breeze inspection " " No, sir... " ", I asked Mr. Peterson thought it to pull down his shorts to inspection was just thinking about it a lot, all because they were the almost all agewhat could and should cause an erection! " All of you in this gym in a minute they have, I'm waiting" He came n with the door open. " Yes, sir. Lolita Teen " The brave muttered, "Bastard ! " Or "Fuckin ' pervert!" when n of the eyes. Now, the tricky part. You are looking for art, he had his pants and quickly tried to pull his underwear scandal before anyone could see, or been worse disgusting smell them. But he was stuck in the tip Got One y leg was soon to Nigel, who tried to do it yourself the same The use of two types, but at the lower end of its slippery written around their ankles to show some very large and obvious yellow points. Almost as bad were the pants now open to the atmosphere! literally surrounded by a room full of assholes, it soon became clear No, all children that would be too. Ian, was a tribune look almost hysterical. " Hey Andy.. " He pushed the boy to his side, " here have a visionand aspiration of for these bastards! Fuckin 'hell, Nige ! How many times have you masturbated in the n pants? " To travel Surprisingly, in these cases, it takes only seconds for the bad news. So of course, almost all children in the class was able to see the yellow spots or odors and poor Nigel art that both n is scrabbling to get their feet with pants on his ankles ! to say they were totally humiliated was a euphemism, were both, No absolutely red with shame, because trying to continue changed. Nigel, who has been very concerned everything has been said by previous lesson more and more embarrassing, but n managed bronze was n. n If he was honest, he admitted he would have liked to know more strange feeling that some of the other guys saw him When you have changed ! was a miracle that he even managed to pull their white pants by without an erection. Art was struggling to GEt his tattered shorts plump up the ass well and Nigel had also become smile as she watched him. Three or four boys were also always very excited to see the art poor secretly trying to enter the pants. Perhaps not all of them recognized the danger, began in the once , there is very little was hidden by a member Lolita Teen of duct obstruction in shorts no thin cotton ! It is obviously too small for him were the shorts quickly trapped. In a position such that its tail, which always seemed to be larger bottom every time I tried was in power, failure at the waist. Nigel leaned, whispered, "Help me get this damn shorts up to you ? " N "Of course," said Nigel, "I'm going to throw, and pulling the front and get yer cock whore ! " " One.. two... threeee until... " With a jerk and a jolt slight tearing noise that gave the pants got up and cut it into big stomach ! The boys, who watching laughed conscious entertainment, their own short films have been the starting point for the store as well! Type shorts the other side were the only way to very strongly that each fold were in the queue, the pubic hair only a few n testicles clearly visible to all through the flimsy material. Suture the only description that anything that is on the left to the imagination and dressed like he was there was much more erotic than if he were naked. Now the class had calmed down, I had a really good laugh and want to get into the gym before that Mr. Peterson was detonated over again. Although have to say, were some of the children, even more than a little enthusiast the chances of getting a long look and very good in cocks of other children and some cum stained panties were quite far and Lolita Teen few n half. For many of the boys in the class, always kept his sexual habits, very calm, there was a bit of relief have been forced to discover that the other guys have a lot of the same kind of thingn mystery. No doubt there was some type of nightlife comparative experience the scene. ". Well," Mr. Peterson was again: "the class at the gym when I'm waiting for " Little by little he began to shuffle in the , looking about as excited as were intimidated. " Come, then, what's up with you all. Everyone would think, not s of this lesson fast!Haste, that I do not bite," he raged. "You fucking do good! " Ian said softly while continuing to Nigel on the polished floor of the gym. Ian smiled as he watched Nigel 's ass and thought that in a position to have a look very good in his last two and type of valves. is something like a wanker addict himself, he wondered if it was Nigel about the side effects a bit of a cock to play with another guy, maybe the art? is together again and it was strange that both have, as a very brave pants, which was even more surprised at the sight of others. his his tail and tried unsuccessfully that the place isIt is always difficult skinny pants. " Now gather around. " Peterson said : " We're going to do some good old military exercises, followed by several others dome of horse you have there Now in three rows of equality to get a... ?. now. " " Yes sir.... " " If the army fucking old, once more exercises that I scream! ", Nigel Ian said as he walked aimlessly around to get a little lost precious Lolita Teen seconds. "This guy is a fucking Twatt," said Ian, "I hate him," ".. You want to get much in the three lines now, he said," Another order, he remained in the Army? Enter a walk apparently unaware that the package was on full display. " is missing this morning was not it? Fuckin ' bitch luxury Twatt ' ab shouted at us so early in the lesson. You must believe that is still in the n damn army ! " n Ian looked short of art and reacted a little too fast with it was really just a passing thought, that was never intended to actually pronounce. " Yes, and I wish they were so fucking stupid little short without Art! " Y then realizing what he had said, adding: " Oh... fuck! Art.. I.. only... Joke.. ! " " You dirty bastard! " Nigel said," You cursed it meant... Want to watch his tail! " " No, no, just kidding... "Said Ian go a little pink. N " Well, I tell you mate WOT. "Art said, smiling. Never lose a time, looked at Ian Little Shop," Ah, I see! Now I will show me... if you show me yours! " Ian was now bright red, like raising their own trap, as the old expression was. What a deal ! Was really the first time is always n been intentionally much less touched a stab another boy, who had, fantasized many times during his straw every night. But he value. balls themselves? Eklatant, art very bulbous head of his now apparently stuck hardening three-inch monster between your thumb and index short Ian and pulled her level of shame spent several degrees n as he turned puce ! "do not be shy," said Art, pinch them again, it looked a little thicker, "I know n want... and would not mind if you have... and, you know want! Nigel terribly wrong here do anything for a look at some \\ \\ n tail! "vi Ian was clearly his own dick, like art was Nigel n very open only to its own half-rooster in trouble. Ian never thought it would be art, or someone so forth. Was it a Bluff " In the kind of order," he said trying to sound fact, although still bright red s of shame, " uuummhh... where... when ? " " Well, here, where else ! "said bold. " Yes, what jumps behind the vault box of old, if everyone starts Snake do that for what? " Nigel said enthusiastically: " Be easy to to get yer yer shorts creeps out of the legs, right? " " seems Lolita Teen to me very well. "said Art, her shorts really show the load three inches was almost four years and counting ! Ian had no choice. I was hoping to put the lamp and reflect on what forstraw at night. S too late! "Yer, ok. " He muttered, putting his hand on the cover rather small advantage. He was quite small, however, and was worried that his modest four inches and some could not compete with what they had to offer is art. an n I was sure that none of the children had the opportunity to compete with Nigel now very , obviously, five inches thick which were very floating around his shorts. Nigel chuckled and Mr. Peterson shouted on top of his voice, " Do you want to as line... or if they are all in custody.. Do it now " " Yes, sir.... " Three very messy series of children finally got before Paterson. as in the long tradition in the Army, was presented to the class and the n , seized their actions. "right, with the creation of companies... ten... the press," To be fair, but could not and would still be with the kids of all n in the midst of the boys have made ​​their moans fiction best imitation of pushups chuckle far of how ridiculous it was all, afterNo. They were not in the army! Ten healthy pushups later, Mr. Peterson jumped back on his feet and ordered class standing. Then came the time to prepare for an old -fashioned toe- tapping, ten times on each finger with his right hand on left and vice versa. It was a very numb the mind, and made all Is it worthwhile was the fact that I could see behind the ass of the before n attracted shorts and faded as the seams have been moved back to the s ass cracks, Nigel believes that instead of the emergence of strong young Richard was back hand dreams of falling in the pants when distracted by a type weak farts was their right. It was art, looking more than a little unhappy. "What is happening? Something you eat that? " Nigel whispered, trying not to laugh. Ian on the left side of Nigel stopped and turned to see what it was. "It's my damn shorts ! " Art said in an alarmed voice. "I hope that may crack a bit! " N "You see everything in order. " Said Nigel. "You can notnothing to do. , " Lolita Teen Added Ian. " Lolita Teen Now... "Mr. Paterson said," Now, on the sides of exchange, is the hand from left to right toe... " " He's a real fucking toe- rag, if you ask me. "Art said with a smile: " Wait, I'll check. " Round he achieved with his free right hand and felt the back seams of the shorts. " Oh fuck me! "He said, looking horrified, " Things have a bloody division bit! " " What I see yer ass ? "Ian is mixed emotion. " Yes, when I see yours ! "Art said, smiling. " Fuckin ' prick! " Ian rolled his eyes," you want... " " Bloody right I do... and I will be in a fucking minute! To wait until behind the box, which I'll be your damn right you shorts! " " Mmmm... and I like a little ass! "Nigel added, intentionally added to Ian not What Ian had said now! When his penis was as big as his mouth is a kind was quite nice, but I knew him, had a small tail, and now wanted to see someone in the ass. now her mother had only seen that and that was when n much younger. the hole hand had dug for itself is always much less The class, with much blowing finally completed the exercise, , but there was no rest, because Mr. Peterson was ready for the next round torture. "Easy now, boys... bend your hands on your hips and knees.. twenty, can go... now ! " N " I'm fucked," said Nigel. "Twenty times is fucking mental! " N "You think you 're screwed ! View Raymond poor ! " Said Art nod in the direction him for a moment and forget about his shorts. Raymond bad writing. The boy was so fat that he is now with a problem with the class and looked like a lot of sweat quivering jelly. The centrifugal movement of the roll of fat hanging over the waist his shorts particularly impressive. " Fuck! " Ian said. N " is fucking great! " "This is number ten," " keep going halfway.. now.. ten up. Hurry. " Said Paterson n " halfway to catch you for that ! " said Nigel. A clear echo fart noise in the gym and everybodand laughed and turned to look, and Raymond, who was true to form in all innocence. " not me ! " He said, blowing a lot to everyone's surprise. Some children sniffed the air, but with the unique aroma of sweat gym, pubescent boys, pants dirty and smelly shoes were not sure what is n, , or who it was. wise guy 's ass suddenly felt very cold and the pressure on his testicles had been released soon. He looked scared to see what he could, but not look very different. The shorts looked the same, but strangely that seemed lost, the tension in the front and top of pink cock s now just peek down his pants leg. Very nervous, Mr. Peterson never see again, he put one hand behind your back n and began exploring. All he felt was his own ass sweat crack! Panic. He came and took the covenant is still intact with sewing new material still in the lead, but completely torn beyond n Was that bad? Yes, your heart almost sank. With trembling fingers , underwent its hard out, beyond a nod of her ass, all way down between the legs and around his scrotum wrinkled. "" Nige.. Nige... "He whispered in a panic," Please, please, help me! " " What is mate? "Nigel could feel that something is totally wrong, saw art ashen. Ian saw that. Naive, but he meant well," I can help ? " Twenty tortuous squats later relented to Mr. Peterson," that the right of the row off the carpet to get before the horse and the rest to move the corner and be like " children shuffled toward the wall. kind of sweating, and went back with her back foot brick " Nige.. Please take a look in my pants... Lolita Teen back... " " Oh fuck me! "Nigel was a direct response. Ian looked at the art," what I see? "I asked. " is the same, because every other fucker is coming soon! " kind, said dejectedly. " Hey, "said Nigel, " I think if we can get Ianand to help us, we fairly well protected, because the front looks good! Therefore, if you do not see a guy yer ass s may be in order to maintain the jump. " " Really? How the hell can I do? "Said Art, not entirely sure it would work ". I can not jump, do not bitch right? " " Ian, what do you think ? "N " I love your ass! And, and I 'll show you mine! "He said, laughing: " Yes, Of course I 'll help you. But how to do this, then Nige ? " " Ian, are fucking heavy, or to hell, because it is fun! ", said Nigel was thinking a lot, " What would happen if we type a lot more behind it as close to no one can see the ass. " " Sorry, just kidding. "Said Ian dampened a bit. " There is nothing wrong Ian, has not meant that way. "Art said," Well, anyway, I can think of anything else, right? So let's give it a try, what we lose ? Only the ass! Lolita Teen " " Sorry Ian, can not understand this motherfucker to Peterson. "Nigel said," Now come on it to test if you have to move. Nothing is released da ? " " No, I ' sposeno. "Said Art He thought for a minute. " Look, do not worry about my partner in the class to see me the ass, so you can tell `em, if n will help, but I do not want to see that fucking bastard Peterson, it. It was fucking funny I feel like shit. "He blinked several times n and continued:" You know, I never forget, as I have been playing me Football pants just stole my last year against someone because of all had my team. It was not my fault. It made me feel a whole hell Twatt and everyone laughed and laughed damn weeks. I hate it, it is a fucking bastard! " " There is everything to reassure the art. "Said Nigel," I know you hate him, all do. He must be a fucking bully and told the bloody time you have said yer mother about it. "N " I could not. " "Very good! The children here ! " Mr. Peterson was screaming again. He looked around the gym class gathered in front of him like frightened sheep. " Eight volunteers. Yes ! You, you, you, you and behind you and the four them, yes a lot! comand here and have the horse on the mats through the wall. Now ! " Even with two children in each leg are still struggling to get the heavy horse mats jump. " right, form a line, here again on the Yellow Line. The horse will not hurt ! " That was his only joke, he always said. Children complained internally. N have a second thought," Y... Yes, I need two. , N If two volunteers, the horse stood in the event someone falls. " He looked across the room to know that I ought to two sons, n little possibility or interest to actually jump in the was in the first place. If there any sense would have realized that is used, only the set of its kind. in fact, all classes ! n is not something that intimidation by their attitude that s never bother to learn one of the names of the children. all of them were called " boy. " " You are young... that... "He said, pointing his stubby finger Raymond, n seemed to recover fince its efforts so far, ".... y.... boy, they do.... on the back of the wall. "n " I "asked a guy shock is collected, it is always too, s the man seemed to stand for everything. " Yes, you are deaf? Come on, that the couple can be found here. Now!" N looked with distaste to Raymond, who staggered into view, pointing to it. " the fat will come from this side of me and you.. the other, that to the other side and stand on the wall. I do not know you in recent years ? " " do not believe... sir. " stammered way now absolutely terrified of being recognized ot done to call the front. When the horse was parallel to the wall, he managed to sneak up on him, and the majority of his bare buttocks against the wall to keep out of Mr. Peterson line of sight. " Well, maybe not. " He turned to the class and said, "Well, do not hang to enter and form a queue, so you can go one at a time to run... the wall and then the land of horses on the carpet..... backnowledgment by the other n go... Right? " away screaming As I was Nigel and Ian worked for a diplomatic miracle, and whispered to the other boys, what happened art shorts, pleaded with them, nothing to laugh or hope of escape that art could be said is the lesson intact. to be fair, the boys all had a pretty good idea of what could be to be intimidated by Mr.. Peterson, and only say that art, which usually also his teammates were happy to help. no n at the latest, had met several of the boys who needed wankaholic little s feeling less anxious as the type seen minute mark children jump on the horse, in fact, very soon began to forget his own trouble when he found looking up in an ideal position for legs of his shorts, while jumping ! Looking for a long time shorter than those Lolita Teen already of his favorite things, and now the have been able to look good several pairs ! the blood supply began working his tail, which is unique Magic sipping on siliconGHT faucets, small, medium and large. some n cut, some with long foreskin overhang and even the weird ass hole winked. It was a delicious education looked at Raymond, he wonders if there is something under your a lot of shorts, what he observed, Fat Boys always seemed to have small Cocks Fortunately, the Mr. Peterson had now moved to the end of the carpet to see the boys arrive, and his vision of art was very limited. a more relaxed and I thought maybe there is not much time before the end of the lesson. Apart from the fact the whole plant was open to the elements rude, things were pretty good, if not was more events before the end of the lesson. The child, who had been vaulted, walk along down through the wall in the queue to run again and so they all fit behind Art n With the to get there. Most just said something about an ass, and do a more intelligent, before starting to laugh asand again at the back of the queue. The majority of those who, except for Nigel, intellectual, total N and fertile nymphomaniac as usual, was underway. Especially in the gym, where kids in shorts n tents and Ba were well rounded ! I had thought, the type of boom, while the two were happy to see us taps, inspections still a taboo vague and little Nigel saw this as an opportunity to move things in a bit! Never had much to put aside these thoughts now own stores shorts that posed a threat. Its large, fleshy five inches was about to jump off the leg of the shorts. way back, he whispered, "Oi.. art!" appeared of art from around and began to laugh, " Fuck you, before Peterson leads o, that did everything right so far," " But I was I'm so damn hot mate, I'll put your ass! "Nigel always grabbing his hardening cock through his shorts, he said. " Fuck you ! Nige shit ! " Said Art again, still laughing : "Later, later, not Now! Fuck you ! " " Thata promise? "Said Nigel blows to the ear, still laughing. "Yes ! If we go live this lesson, then yes.. now only shit! ", said the art. turned around and saw Nigel Short is on fire. " Fuck Nige.. You're crazy ! Put it away! Get it below... Copy of it ! " " are not able to reproduce, I'm so fucking hot in the ass.... "Nigel said through laughs : " I'm really going to have to ride the bus home straw! It is all these guys in shorts... and ass, mmmm ! "Moving kind was laughing uncontrollably Nigel carry as compared to what s happened in your pants out slowly. "Shit ! Nige, I have n with an erection, start now... disturb only a minute! " Nigel winked :" All right partner, but only one of this size can be found I'm ready for you! " This firm began printing the front of his shorts in the art exposed ass crack ! In order to just make a couple of times for the laughter suddenly in the queue was the leg of his shorts and ran awayw does it for real! Before I could stop, took his throbbing cock had slipped a down is a kind of hot ass crack at least a couple of times. With his foreskin was again the sensing head was a sort of welcome broke through puckered little hole and are now leaving precum stains. The fact that I had cum so strong before there was no difference Nigel. Whatever the circumstances, he was always able, with a full run load, something he had proven himself only fourteen when one night had five times an hour masturbating ! N "shit !" Art, said through clenched teeth. N to "Stop! " This was a very new and sensual feeling, incredibly, a leaky faucet and run by your plan, in fact, was an exquisite sensation was so excited \\ \\ n his own cock now burst free leg of the shorts and was now broken in front of him masturbating. Grab it quickly tried rather unsuccessfully, to hide from view again in the pants. was too late to Nigel. in thoss fleeting few seconds was conducted as to cloud nine and losing all self -control on the road. his sticky purple acorn was now in control of his body and his mind. The inevitable result is very similar to the tail abused Nigel lit out of control for the third time that day. He criticized other heavy s of hot milk and fresh, young and sweet sticky to finish this time in the art in the ass. For art, it was good. Very good! Even something he had dreamed more. Nothing compared to it. Nigel hot cum mixed with the sweat of his best Friends, slipped on his tail off and the final lubricant, while was to spit in the latter part of the precious liquid. Globules and forms and begins to slide down kind of vague, and ultimately, more all his way to the back of the legs or hang on long chains of one level. art was completely mute and Nigel were not even on the inside! which always also seems ! This blow-down filling a jump rope handle in the ass hands Nigel knews what makes more than a second after the event and was horrified. Grappling dripping his cock back in his shorts all began to whisper in his ear type. " Oh shit..... Art is done I'm sorry... oh shit, what have I done.. ! I... I.. shit Oh... " Type I do not know whether to laugh or mourn, this was a situation that never thought of. " Nige... not fucking care... Fucking Just wipe Use yer damn hands... no fucking thing as long as fuck.... no Peterson that seems very " \\ \\ n Fortunately for Nigel children queue to return to the horse decreased significantly since the boys were tired and just stringing things until the end of the lesson. Looking down, he saw bubbles use his semen was everywhere and nothing else, began trying to collect sticky material with your hands. Sorry for the Arts, where the effect has gone through a pair of hands caressed Cummy little to maintain his erection, as it began to rise again! Nigel is own tail had had the same idea was also on board and now sticky end shown in his shorts ! " Where to put the sperm? " Hissed Type : n! " It's fucked no ' 're fucked Peterson, who I am afraid, the lava in the shower, bitch. "' ' What you need! "Nigel said, very relieved that art is not been too angry with him, " Okay, I 'm wiping my hands on shorts... look like yer pants now! " " Cheeky bastard ! Well, grass dirty, just erase all get fucked n off, "said Art, sounded a bit more like him. Nigel was very excited, I could not do without the art and not n account for the second time that day, now looked and smelled cum rag. the friendship was the band that he and wet cum face stains on his pants and the red of his cock in public display as ripped his pants leg. " fuck me ! "Nigel quietly. " It's damn Peterson, back to the line " kind rigid in fear, while his tail SHMr. Peterson had finally Rivelles do something useful. " right back in line that much. " He said menacingly. Raymond moved his way into the art of wall and shuffled back into line of her bare ass hidden by the wall. I could live semen stains, which was n is again rejected by Mr. Peterson, for no apparent reason, which really was that was scary. Why was he always took and why it always has scream ? The gym was not as big and no one was deaf ! The other guys really had done everything possible to hide a few so giggles and the occasional bum pinch was worth the price. sad but that protection is soon to be removed when Mr. Paterson gave the order are constants. of art was no escape. The trousers were torn to put on display in the n ago, but still looked pretty authentic, at a distance from the n before. Condition of his cock under control, Lolita Teen could get away with it. He glanced at the line and saw Nelson Find more postsive Nigel smiled nervously as he was not sure if it bothers you. Type smiled and raised his eyebrows. everything was fine. Nigel was so relieved, it seemed as if art was still in progress, to be a friend of his s, desperately waiting for it. To clarify the issues and Nigel will be a slight nod to the store, which is still very n obviously in front of his shorts Cummy own of art he saw grinned and winked. " Exactly what is so funny then my son? " Peterson said, "You can do anything guys know.... I 'm talking to you... what is it, boy? " Arts n Fine did not respond. For once not think he was that was crying. " You !!!!!!!! guy.... Yes, I'm talking to you! " Walked Mr. Peterson, as only an army of former teachers - PE can do. Now she standing a few feet in front of art. type was cold and lonely. It was the hand of fear. Mr. Peterson looked up and down "... If you are, boy... with that awful in shorts! " N "I... I... ? " stammered type who had become almost white, with fear. His insides churning. " Where is your shorts right? Is an insult to bring this to my kind! Seems as if you are in the mix. " " Ummmm said.... " art and speech. He could not say much, the truth n " Ummmm Not me boy ! Well, what are you doing? " With great difficulty, guy tried to talk. Open your mouth, but nothing came. His legs were trembling, and tried desperately to keep a in close collaboration to hold control of their bowels. This man was a tyrant and never should have allowed a teacher. "What ? I have not heard you boy? " Mr. Peterson was quickly losing control. without n is an ideal property for a physical education teacher. Each teacher will. ", I said, my son...... What's your name boy ? " Mr. Peterson shouted the right on his face, " You do not even know his name... boy? " The class intimidated. Shocked. Everyone knew, Mr. Peterson was a loathsome character , but continuouslyCollected in the same poor boy and bully a template before negligible. Soon the guys with a softer mood were also asked to shake I am afraid if that. Some have even shown that art is not n in alone with the exercise of control over his bowels. It was a little is now visibly trembling and knowing it could have been one of his is those who bother. "What is your name boy? Have one? " Mr. Peterson patience was running out. bravely fought to contain the kind Lolita Teen of tears, her mouth was dry and all the s , but whispered, " It is the art... Lord... " 'Talk kind of guy ? "Mr. Peterson said in a surprised tone :" This is a gym kind of art class.. no... do not dare to be fun with my boy o... I go... " " art...... Sir Arthur Arthur... " croaked kind of desperate to be heard, barely audible , but his voice as strong as it permit. " What you are my type... you mean, Arthur? " Said Peterson, " Arthur, but Arthur Who are my child? Art Kinghur ? His name... Child, the name of your last name ? " knew I wanted to mourn at any time. Either that or it sucks n erves. Maybe, or probably both. Tears welled in the corners. " This is... This is... Arthur Weldon... Lord... Weldon.... " " Well.... Arthur Weldon... "Said Peterson, reveling in his power: " You child, who is tonight in jail for disobeying orders. "It was This was lost to a grotesque degree harassment. insubordination of art, too. S Mr. Peterson looked like he no shit. words and tears start rolling down his cheeks, he succeeded to remain together for a few seconds, I had no idea what to do next. oppressed his buttocks as hard as he could , managed to to maintain control of his bowels, which, as if they were to feel explode. " Do you Lolita Teen hear me son? " the art was not sure what he heard nothing more. His legs were trembling and that s all you have to do everything we can to control his sphincter. Something warm and wet \\ \\ n dribbling his legs. The tension was broken by a company, but the voice sounds very, very nervous, shouted, "Lord Innsuubboordd... what... what is that.. sir.. " \\ \\ n it took great courage, but Nigel must Arts had just witnessed his best friend made the pants in fear, and could not only to see how you are having to a further deterioration, even if s intended to divert the man's character is grotesque. "What? " Peterson shouted, " Who the hell is that? " " Me.. Lord... Lord... Innsuboordd... what it is, sir? " repeated Nigel brave. Art looked up and barely managed a weak smile on her tears. left plimsole was now full of pee, did not dare to look. Nigel, what a friend. " Is not that what they do in the army, sir... please sir, this is not true ? " This time it's Ian, who was called, others immediately grasped the idea of ​​ and the flow of stupid questions soon collected. "Is this like that... is what they do in the army... Lord? Is this" called Ben. " Who said that? " Petersn said sternly. "It was me ! " Ben called back quickly. " But is not it, sir? " Courage Raymond intervened. art was crying openly, but no fear. There was relief. " Please, sir, tell us... what is subdoororobby what it is, sir? " Shouted Timmy the corner. "What is the fucking army... sir? " Richard added " Who said that? " "Who said what, sir? " Harry said " are all in the army of kittens bitch like you, sir? " Richard called by considerable venom. He was also a victim of last year. " What, Who said that? " " What, sir.... I missed, dass.. " said Tony. " Fuck yerself sir! " " Yeah, let's fucking bastard bullying " " Who said that!" Shouted Mr. Peterson looked wildly at the gym. The flow of stupid questions and Lolita Teen comments quickly became a crescendo almost all children had a fair share of expletives very close election! It was his release, the opportunity to vent their anger all the humiliation. front Peterson attempted his usual sHouting tactics, but this time it vain. Continued the boy, saying he could not hear and even if s the boys could have seen what it was. Total Ruffian, who had lost all respect and control. His authority was effective through their own sadistic character who castrated boys knew that was worse, now I know. rang the school last lesson was over. Mr. Peterson 's reign of terror was over. The news of his last lesson would be like wildfire in the whole school. The class is waiting to be released, so that Mr. Peterson continues ranting only returned on their own initiative, to change. Protected Species among them, and treated him as a hero, had his arm around her Nigel the shoulder, and now both were crying when he entered the room change. Tears more than an emotional release than anything else, though the evening was undoubtedly something of a draw for children. And, one thing the boys knew that Mr. Peterson is no longer scarethey had, which had been crushed at last, and now again to get rid of. The whole class agreed that their parents to write letters s complaint with the director about how they acted. is a more subdued and very tired of it went home that evening to the bus, Simon sat by his side. It has been shown very clearly that he n cried. Kind of sense and looked very ill, after the events in the early morning, and is the story of her mother had given the fiasco with Nigel in the bathroom at noon, followed by the evening absolutely terrible in the gym wanted to be alone to think of everything. wanted Simon, of course, all the gory details, but the art gave very sanitized version of what happened n the gym with Mr. Peterson. Crack juicy omitting reference understandable Nigel cum on her ass and would only say that the shorts were only a fraction of a bit of has been dropped came home that evening gave us exhaustedmental h physically. He was glad that his mother had given way and told me that even, that a little more than this morning was better, but still had to together. They obviously wanted to hug him know all the details of what Simon was excited hubbub around. Very similar type told S Simon when he told the results at the gym and Mr. Peterson bullying is. Could was furious and it was from his father when he returned from work n a vote not to go and meet Mr. Peterson in the person of the next day. No doubt he would write to the editor ! front of this type of real trauma to fight, had a sort of Mother s something in his hard line reaches its number one son smoothing separated. He felt much lighter than her, though he knew he still had n to give themselves or it will end up on the warpath again in a moment. So a very tired Arthur Weldon, who soon went to bed at nine o'clock on the clock was that night. In fact, so tired that even has endured a shake before bed. that s bad! Y without a straw good night meant they slip just not wet, when not only shocking and inhospitable to take next day. Pray that Nigel is remembered to give him some clean pants who drove fast n to sleep. As usual, his cock in hand this time with some thoughts on mischievous cracks vague slippery. Maybe I should have been straw before going to bed, after all! his little brother Simon, who had tried to hide his hard cock all night watching TV and suddenly it seemed only s also interested in going to bed when it was proposed. Once safely in bed, of the tail sticking out of his pajamas, had two dry orgasms before is falling asleep. The art would have been proud of it! Tomorrow would be a day that Simon no doubt more to listen to what s happening in Lolita Teen the gym and also what s the two spies, Joe and David had to report. And, of course, there were plans toTom and Alex as n finally catch the long suffering and kind not teach Nigel, steal another kid underwear ! ------------------- - go Chapter 14
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